Ron Prickett

Firearms Instructor / Business Owner

Ron is a retired Menlo Park Police Sergeant with thirty years of field experience. As the department Range Master and a Master Firearms Instructor, he managed a team of instructors, authored and implemented a comprehensive training program for AR-15 patrol rifles, less lethal munitions and oversaw all aspects of firearms training.

Don Jones

Chief Range Safety Officer / Volunteer

Don has been a long time URPC member and has worked as a volunteer with the CCW program for over 20 years. He is an NRA certified Pistol Instructor and an NRA member. Working the firing line, as our NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer, Don provides a safe learning environment and ensures range rules are followed.

Rick Crowder

Range Safety Officer / Volunteer

Rick has worked with the CCW team for several years, serving as our sheriffs department liaison, managing records and issuing qualification certificates. He holds an NRA Range Safety Officer certification and assists with range safety. Rick is a life member of the NRA and was a former competitive SASS (cowboy shooter) at the URPC.